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Monday, November 13, 2006

Jets regrets: Son of Frankenstein burns former boss

Now what'd the Patriots go and do a thing like that for? Losing back to back games for the 1st time since 2002 and a 3rd game at home in one season for the first time since '02 has put them in a hole for a chance at a 4th Super Bowl in 6 years.

The Pats offense sputtered while the Jets took off in the 17-14 loss. The Pats run defense was pushed all over the field while dink and dunk that looked like a mirror of previous Pats teams kept them off balance and allowed the Jets to run off clock killing drives and eventually a touchdown or two.

Chad Pennington got only his 2nd win against the Patriots and while he was not the MVP of the game he did do a nice job managing the clock. His touchdown pass that made it 17-6 was a typical Pennington floater, however, Ellis Hobbs was unable to make a play on it.

Brady on the other hand had his second strait poor outing, throwing another bad pick and making people talk about body language all over again on WEEI this morning.

The new talk of New York, Eric Mangini, got the last laugh against Bill Belichick who wouldn't even refer to him by name leading up to the game. The win gives Mangini his 1st against his former teacher and begins another interesting chapter in the Boarder War...The 5-4 Jets are now one game behind the Pats in the AFC East.

For New England the loss means any chance at going to the Super Bowl will have to come via a Wild Card playoff win followed by potential matchups with Denver and Indy. The number 2 seed, currently held by Denver and San Diego, is pretty much out of reach unless they can get some help from the rest of the league while getting their own act together.


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