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Monday, November 20, 2006

Cheese walk: Pats Pack it in for Brett

So what do Patriots fans take away from yesterday's 35-0 crushing of the Green Bay Packers and their elderly quarterback? Not much actually. The Packers are a joke and never gave the Pats anything close to a challenge. Brett Favre, before being knocked out of the game by Teddy Bruschi, was off target on wide open receivers and completed only 5 passes. On the flip side Tom Brady tore the league's worst secondary up for 4 touchdowns, that could have been 5.

Lawrence Maroney was held under 100 yards but did score on a pass out of the backfield on a wicked juke move. The rookie appears to have stepped into the starting roll, following another fumble by Corey Dillon yesterday. Thanks to the Pats defense, who scored their 1st road shutout since 1986, the Packers failed to score on that turnover and did little else all day.

For undoubtedly the last time, Brett Favre started against the Patriots and was only a shell of himself. Though Brett left the game it appears he will keep his consecutive starts streak intact. As for backup Aaron Rodgers, he suffered a broken foot and may be done for the year...

On a personal note it was upsetting for Ubsey to see Vinny Testaverde take the field for the Pats. Ub's got nothing against Vinny, in fact Brady's performance helped ease the fears of injury that were thought to be the reason for Vinny's arrival...However, Vinny was wearing the #14, which was Steve Grogan's number. UB could have sworn the number had already been retired, but, if not it should have been. Grogan had an impressive and effective career with the Pats and doesn't deserve to have his number given away to a 43-year-old who comes in to take the last knee...

So up next for the Pats is the 9-1 Chicago Bears. This game appears to be a lose-lose situation, but may be the tough challenge the Pats could build on going into December. After adding new turf to Gillette, a win by the Pats would be met with "the NFC is inferior to the AFC" while a Pats loss would smell of "they can't beat playoff teams." Sadly the loss the Jets, a non playoff team as of now, looms large. Had they won that game they would be tied for the #2 seed with sights set on locking that down. For now they are the #4, but at least are ahead of the Broncos who lost to San Diego.

"Hey Charles (Woodson), seen any good NFL Films specials lately?"


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