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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pool or pond, anything would be good

The legend of Bill Murray and his role as UB's hero continues to grow. At the ripe old age of 56, Murray lived a roll he played in Lost in Translation and went back to a party with a 22-year-old while visiting Europe on a golf trip:

"He had been drinking with fellow golfers in the fashionable Ma Bells bar when he met Lykke Stavnef, a Norwegian blonde, who was out her friend Marie Bergene. To her surprise, Murray accepted her invitation to a party and accompanied her along the cobbled streets to a Georgian townhouse, where a gathering overflowing with young Scandinavians was in full swing..."He was joking with me about reheating some leftover pasta and how drunk everyone was. The pasta was probably quite hard to get off the dishes because they had been sitting around."
Shortly after finishing the washing-up piled high in the students' kitchen, the Hollywood star left with a couple of companions who were believed to have been involved in the golf competition."

"Buddies for life...I think."


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