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Monday, October 16, 2006

Red Sox on Lost

As a fan of Lost UB always thought it was kind of ironic that Jack, the show's main character, would be a Red Sox fan who crashes on an island away from civilization only months before the Red Sox win the World Series. Jack, and his father, are long time Red Sox fans and the subject of the Sox repeated failures and their continued commitment as fans has been an interesting sub-sub-sub plot in the psyche of Jack and his father...At the end of the show (above) Jack learns that the world has gone on without him and the unthinkable has happened, the Sox have won the World Series (winning 8 in a row after falling down 3-0 to the Yankoffs of all things). As Ben turns on the TV and you hear Joe Buck's call, it just gave UB goose bumps but then anger quickly washed over...UB thought of Ben and "The Others" as villains, but almost like villains you could pull for...Until that scene. If UB were Jack, never mind all of the crap in the first two seasons, UB would have turned around on Ben and strangled the life out of him...Total psycho snap job, then UB would have traded the guy's head for the videos of the series...


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