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Monday, October 16, 2006

Bye Week sucks

The weekend that just about every NFL fan dreads finally came for your Uncle Buck this weekend, as he had to endure the Bye Week, meaning no Patriots game and a weekend spend doing projects around the house...or pay attention to the rest of the crap that happened over the weekend:

Like the brawl between Miami and Florida International University...First of all, who the FIU is Florida International? This is how bad it's gotten for Miami that they are brawling with high school teams...If that wasn't bad enough their former player turned broadcaster Lamar Thomas was cheering them on and said he wanted to take the elevator down to the field and join in...Watching one Miami player swing his helmet and another kick a FIU player while he was down on "Join a Team not a Gang" night for 700 inner city kids was about as hilarious as it gets...I wonder how funny the Miami fans, who were cheering on the brawl by doing their little "U" hand signals, look to former rivals such as FSU?

Maybe even funnier was seeing Steeler Troy Polamalu get hair tackled in a blowout win over Kansas City:

Ub can recall seeing Ricky Williams get tugged by the dreads a few times but nothing to this extent...Now Polamalu, who looks great when he's not getting burned deep by Tom Brady, has by far the longest hair in the NFL probably cost his team 6, not that it mattered in that blow out...UB thinks it would be funny for a player to put a dread wig hanging out of his helmet so that when it gets pulled it comes off...Or maybe grease those babies up...
Then there was word today that "Psycho" Steve Lyons was fired from Fox Sports for apparently making insensitive remarks about Latinos, and more specifically Lou Pinella (who signed on with the Cubs today)...Psycho is well known in Boston as a former member of the Red Sox and WEEI contributor, but he is best known nationally for pulling down his pants after running down to first while playing in Chicago...Lyons had previously been reprimanded for making fun of a blind fan and questioned the religious practices of outfielder Shawn Green who is Jewish...RIP Psycho...

So what was a Pats fan to do when the game wasn't on? Eh...Suffer thru Dallas and Jet wins and get a second look at last Thursday's episode of The Office:
"Have you checked...your butt?"

UB can bet the only place bye week is any fun at all is Hef's house:


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Alex said...

You can't spell scum without UM.

Ok, ok - that's cheesy - but I went to FSU and they brainwashed me. Want some free shoes?

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Uncle Buck said...

UB's good on shoes but if you got any Polaroids of Jenn Sterger that'll do...


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