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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jenna Fischer is dirty cool

One thing that is becoming painfully obvious to your Uncle Buck is that as The Office becomes more popular, Jenna Fischer who plays Pam on the show is also becoming more and more popular. As it turns out Jenna is almost a complete 180 from Pam. As you may have seen in my previous post of Jenna's 10 things men don't know about women video, she's not afraid to drop a few dirty words to get a laugh. Check out this interview in Rolling Stone Magazine's Hot List:

Hot New Technology: “Uni-ball Vision Elite Pen in blue. It’s been a while since I wrote something down, but it was blwo away by the smooth, even flow. It’s almost as awesome as the automatic word completion feature on my BlackBerry.”

Hot Time For Sex: “Sundays around 3 p.m. Which reminds me…Sunday around 3 p.m. (6 p.m. Eastern), not the best time to call me.”

Hot Show: “Meerkat Manor, the only show where participants place their own babies in the sun until they die. Well, at least until next season on Fox.”

Hot Contraceptive: “Pulling out. No chemicals. No barriers between you and him. As long as you don’t mind a contraceptive that makes babies, it’s perfect.”

Hot Coffee: “Starbucks. They don’t just serve coffee, they serve coffeelike drinks, too, and stale cookies. Check ‘em out!”

Hot Genocidal Spot: “Rwanda what? Bosnia who? No, people, raise the roof for Dufur! And I’m sure the U.S. will lend a helping hand the very minute it’s over.”

Hot Spouse: “My husband, James Gunn. Not only did he direct Slither, the most kickass horror movie of the year, he also helped me write this list. For that I promised him either a blow job or I’d put him on the list. And, well, I’m tired.”

After reading that interview your Uncle Buck wasn’t sure if the following video was actually an outtake of The Office in which Jenna is having a little fun or if it is just a fan video: (either way it’s NSFW)


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