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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Red Sox are Barbaro

This morning fellow baseball blogger Darth Marc asked UB, "How can you give up? You're in the middle of a pennant race!?" Here's UB's answer: "Because the Red Sox are Barbaro."

Barbaro, you may recall, was the horse that broke down during the Preakness. The Red Sox have broken down and at this point are not able to be competitive against the Yankoffs, White Sox, Tigers and Twins who are all running at full stride.

Last night a series of defensive mis-steps and a lack of timely hitting resulted in a loss to the worst team in baseball. The Kansas Sorry Royals walked away with a 6-4 win, knocking the Sox out of the Wild Card lead. With the White Sox win over the Yankoffs and a Twins win over the Tigers, the Sox are now a game behind Chicago and a half game behind Minnesota...Still 2 games back in loss column behind the Yankoffs...

Amazingly it could be worse. Wily Mo Pena has been been an upgrade from Trot Nixon, hitting a monster 2 run shot last night. Big Papi had another solo shot, but of course that was all the offense the Sox got...


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