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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Belichick's NJ babe

Say it ain't so Bill...You know the Patriots have been known as a "moral" franchise the last few years, not putting up with players who have off the field problems...Does this mean Bill Belichick could be released? Yeah right...He would have to murder someone for the Pats to let him go, and they may even keep him on thru the murder trial...

Bill Belichick has been named The Other Man in an ugly New Jersey divorce case and the jilted hubby has asked the court to let his lawyers quiz the New England Patriots head coach about his relationship with the missus, a blond fortysomething mother of two.

Vincent Shenocca, a 42-year-old New Jersey construction worker, filed for divorce from his wife, Sharon, a former receptionist with the New York Giants, on the grounds of “extreme mental cruelty.” Shenocca’s court papers say his wife of 10 years “has had a relationship with Bill Belichick for several years” and would not end it, despite her husband’s pleas.

Hell with that many rings, he could steal your Uncle Buck away too...


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