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Friday, June 09, 2006

MLB vs. Slingbox

Major League Baseball is on your Uncle Buck's list of organizations that is too big for it's britches. They get too arrogant and do whatever they want and piss people off and forget to service their public. (The list also includes the Republican Party, the Catholic Church and George Lucas) In MLB's latest example of arrogance they have decided to pick a fight with Slingbox, the little device that allows you to watch your TV anywhere in the world on your computer. I hope MLB gets it's asses kicked on this one...(That's for removing UB's baseball material from YouTube...dicks)

[A] cable subscriber in San Francisco who watches a Giants baseball game from his or her laptop during a visit to Chicago is stealing from the Chicago cable operator who paid to transmit MLB games in that city.
But we're not talking Napster here, argues Buchanan. The cable subscriber in such a scenario already purchased the content from a programmer back home and under the law can watch it wherever he or she chooses, he said.
"Your interpretation of the (cable and satellite user agreement) is wrong," Kliavkoff told Buchanan as the two spoke before some 200 conference attendees. Sling Media users "are violating the scope of their user agreements."


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