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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

12 Inn Salami

Terry Francoma obviously forgot the 1st rule in a crisis situation: Don't pitch Julian Tavarez. The professional basket case gave away a 2-1 Red Sox win by allowing a walk off grand slam to a Minnesota Twins rookie in a 5-2 loss.

Curt Schilling and Johan Santana gave the fans quite a pitching duel, combining on 18 strike outs on the night (13 by Santana including the 1st 5 batters he faced). Both allowed a solo home run in the 7th, making it a 1-1 ball game. Curt went 8, shy of 100 pitches, handing the game over to Jonathan Papelbon, who pitched two scoreless innings and gave way to Mike Timlin. Timlin, coming off the DL was only given 1 inning. In the top of 12 the Sox got a run and lead 2-1, but instead of staying with Timlin, Francoma went with Tavarez. Would have pitching Timlin, who has experience closing and is a master when the bases are clear, put him back on the DL? Tavarez proceeded to strike out the 1st batter, hit the 2nd, give up a double (which would have won the game, but skipped the baggy), then walked a batter only to give up the grand salami.

*Quick note: The Metrodome is a joke. UB knows the Twins are small market, but this warehouse has to go. Minnesota has good fans and the wins have a good history but the spray panted concrete grass and the hefty bag outfield walls are shameful...

After last night's game losing grand slam, UB was ready to give up on the Sox, but UB has done it so many times he's lost any credibility...kinda like Carla:

Tonight the Red Sox face that annoying caddy from Caddyshack 2...


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