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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flutie Flakes

Your Uncle Buck has received some requests for Doug Flutie video after he called it quits yesterday after 21 years of pro football. Like the orphan Oliver in that play I was forced to watch in grade school, UB's readers are asking for more Flutie Flakes so he dug into his archives and pulled two classic Flutie clips and was prepared to upload the actual video from last season's drop kick, but someone else on YouTube beat UB to you go:

First up, here is the play that made Doug Flutie a household name. Doug's 'Hail Mary' pass wins the game over Miami at the Orange Bowl (the stadium not the Bowl game dumbass) in 1984.

Up next, here is one of Doug's few highlights during his 1st NFL run. During the 1988 season the Patriots were 1 and 3 and headed for their 4th loss in five games when Flutie finally got the call. In the fourth quarter of a game against the Colts Flutie ignited the Pats by passing and scrambling for almost as many yards in the last quarter of the game as the entire team had gained in the first three. With 2:23 left to play Doug lead the Pats on an 80 yard, come from behind, drive culminating with a naked bootleg scamper (below) into the end zone for the winning touchdown with only 23 ticks left on the game clock.

Lastly here is the complete play and reaction from Doug's drop kick extra point from the last game of the 2005 season against Miami. It was the 1st drop kick in the NFL since 1941 and ended up being Doug's last play in the NFL.


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