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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Terry Fran-Coma returned to the Boston sports scene last night, leaving in a struggling Tim Wakefield to get blown up for 7 runs, in a 7-5 loss to the Yankoffs.

Johnny Damon hit a solo home run to lead off the game, and the Sox spent the rest of the game playing catchup. The Sox trailed 4-0 into the 6th, as Wake was wild. One of the runs scored was Double Play-Rod who reached 1st on a dropped 3rd strike then scored on a pass ball...That pretty much summed up Wake's performance.

In the 7th, after getting two outs, Wake walked Damon and Jeter on 8 pitches...Yet Francoma left him in to pitch to Double Play-Rod who promptly crushed a flat knuckle ball over the monster...

It took A-Fraud a few minutes to figure out that he hit a home run...dumbass...

The off and on Jaret Wright went 5 innings for the Yankoffs, giving up only 4 hits (although all of them hard) and 0 runs. While the Yankoffs allowed the Sox to get back into it with some walks and a Manny Ramirez home run in the 6th, Mariano Rivera came in to shut the door in the 8th. Although he did allow one run to score, he was good enough to get the final outs...bastard.

"Hey Bill get in there and take Wake out, will ya..."

Top: Double Play-Rod now dubbed: Mr. Clutch.

Newsday: Power Restored and love is in the air...

Darth Marc: "Oh Gary I'm so glad you're back, and Alex, you're so wonderful and Mo you never let me down..."


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