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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Arcade moments in movies

Opie and Anthony to replace David Lee Roth at K-Rock and WBCN. Shouldn't Sammy Hagar be replacing him?

Woman smuggles grenade into jail in her, um, well in her

Dog gets head stuck in pipe, funny video

Door to door breast exams

Magilla Gorilla and Hong Kong Phooey on DVD

The Flintstones want you to smoke up

Bill Belichick comments on upcoming draft, Vinatieri

Adios, Alias

Jack White likes Coke-a-Cola. See the ad here

As UB mentioned the other day the bikini turned 60. Here are some who have done a nice job in raising awareness

As UB mentioned the other day the bikini turned 60. Bush meets with Chinese leader. Calls dibs on the last Peking Ravioli, sets relations back 50 years

Philips, makers of TiVo say they will offer a product that would force people to watch commercials instead of zipping thru them. Then they say they won't put them in the TiVo box. They better not

Check out the Seinfeld stick figure cartoon on the bottom right

Want cheaper cable bills? Support this movement

The Sentinel trailer (Also UB just saw Kiefer Sutherland interviewed where he said that the 24 movie will NOT be in real time like the show. Instead it will be a 24 hour period condensed into 2 hours)

Weird fish-human found in Arabian Gulf?

Celtics season finally over

UB never gets tired of watching the Diceman blow up on CNN

This is why UB doesn't skateboard anymore

Order the Dwight Schrute bobblehead

Attorneys in the Duke rape case say photos will exonerate players


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