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Friday, March 31, 2006

UBW: Friday edition

After numerous emails regarding the enjoyment of Thursday's "Uncle Buck's World" your Uncle Buck has cooked up a fresh batch of items worth taking a glance at...Enjoy:

- Talladega Nights

- Morgan Freeman the mob boss

- Delaware traffic is sh*tty

- Voltron DVDs on the way

- Nomar getting used to 1st base

- Cell phones cause brain tumors?

- SI Final Four Predictions

- Shoot up Bin Laden’s liquor store

- Star Wars in 30 seconds

- Top 10 Movie Music videos from the 80s

- Rolling Stones 1960s Rice Krispies commercial

- "She swallowed the centipede to get the mouse, I don't know why she swallowed the mouse, perhaps she'll die..." (NASTY)

- Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate do it while driving

- Nippy weather

- Lookout she’s got a chair!

- FSU Cowgirls in Maxim

- Rodney’s family still making money off him

- Great movie taglines (UB votes for "This time it’s personal!" From Jaws The Revenge)

- The Hills have Thighs

- Mahna Mahna

- Philly still hates TO

- Serial killers enjoy Spring Break too

"That's not even a real gun is it Clark?"


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