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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mike Adams holds WEEI hostage

In a bizarre and unprecedented incident, Sports Radio WEEI-AM 850 part-timer Mike Adams locked himself in the studio demanding to get a yes or no on a full time job he has been working for 10 years to get. Finally after over 4 hours on the air Program Director Jason Wolfe called (after being blownup when he first called to try and get Adams off the air) and said he had received so many calls and emails that he had no other choice than to give Adams the job.

Mikey used "The Club" he reportedly got as a gift to lock himself in the studio after interrupting that fat bastard Pete Shepherd's 20-20 sports flash (that really only comes when they feel like it, not every 20 minutes). Shepherd, stunned that Adams was interrupting the flash, told Mikey he hated him and he hoped he got hit by a truck. Adams explained the situation, that he had a job offer in Cleveland (It was a good thing those potential employers weren't listening since he repeatedly said 'Cleveland Sucks') and had to know if he had a future at WEEI, that he had a pregnant wife pressuring him. He was flooded with calls from supporters, including businesses such as Modell's Sporting Goods and Jim Koch (himself) founder of Samuel Adams Beer. Mikey reportedly smoked a cigarette and ordered some food during the madness...He did allow the regular commercials to run...Well Mikey gets his first shot at his own show Thursday night, so we'll see how that goes...In honor of his new gig UB just has to pass his congratulations in a way that Mikey would enjoy...


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