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Monday, November 28, 2005

UB's 10 Year Reunion

10 years later and UB was forced to relive his "Glory Days" of High School Saturday night. While it went a little smoother than the reunion in "Beautiful Girls" (above), since no one got their asses handed to them, it ended the same way...with all those involved being hung-over the next day. (Isn't that how that movie ended?)

Here a few of UB's closest friends (Crazy Cousin, JC, Panda, Sheablade and DA) who were nice enough to pose for this photo. (UB was a little to into getting his drink on so wasn't as vigilant with the camera as, where this photo was stolen from).

It was a "crotch-grabbingly" great time for Crazy Cousin, while LT dances, or pukes or both...

Erin, a pregnant Christina and Brooksie made it back to join the fun...

Mr. Adams is surrounded by Goldie, Sheablade, Sarah, Trish and Shayna.

A Goose was spotted at the reunion, with DA and LT...

Griff and Pan are attacked by an unidentified assailant...(UB's photos got a little more out of frame as the night went on...)

Griff and Panda apparently survived the attack, most likely rescued by Goldie, Goose and Sarah...

Ah the glory days of the Chowdaheads...(above and below, minus Bone)...

"Stay cool, man. Stay cool forever."


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Dr Will said...

thats one of the coolest HS renunion posts ive ever read


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