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Monday, October 31, 2005

Tricks and Treats: Pats get a scare from Buffalo

It was a roller coaster ride for UB watching the Patriots and Bills on Sunday Night Football, while carving his Halloween Jack-O-Lantern. The P-Men, like UB, gutted one out with a 21-16 win.

Kids: "I got some gum!" "I got some candy!"

Charlie Brown: "I got a rock!"

"Stay on target..."

Sorry UB is excited to lay some tricks on the neighborhood kids where was UB? Oh yes...The Pats were like zombies the 1st half, again making mistakes and dumb penalties. One of those penalties resulted in Adam Vinatieri having to re-kick a 40+yrd field goal, this time from 5 yards back, which he missed. Like they said on Dennis and Callahan this morning, it looked like something you would see from the Texans or 49ers but not the defending champion Patriots.

UB is still shaking his head at that play by Patrick Pass in the 1st quarter where he fumbled because he pulled his hamstring and grabbed his leg...WTF? How does this happen? Just fall down, don't fumble the ball and grab your leg. At that point the Pats were starting to get rolling, Pass had already had a few nice runs...and then he just drops the baby without being touched...UB was really starting to like Patrick, but now? That is inexcusable for a RB...Corey Dillon decided to suck it up and come in at that point and had 2 TD runs...

Linus: "And then the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch and give all the good girls and boys candy and toys..."

"Stay on target..."

Right, anyway, trailing 16-7 with about 10 minutes left in the 4th, Tom Brady led the Pats to a touchdown, followed by a Roosevelt Colvin strip of Kelly Holcomb, that resulted in another TD...The final drive was Brady's 20th come-from-behind win in the 4th quarter. The most for any QB since 2001. And Teddy played well, and often. He was on the field on D and Teams. He had a few big hits and made in was great to see. So now it is on to Monday Night Football and the Indianapolis Colts...more on that later...


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