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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wild West: Celtics get 1st win in OT

The Celtics got their 1st win of the season last night, 110-108 in overtime over the Charlotte Bobcats following a game winning shot by Delonte West in the closing seconds. The C's are now 1-3...

Paul Pierce set a franchise record for turnovers last night but did score 35 and drew the attention that allowed West the open look that ended the game. Once again, however, Pierce missed a chance at winning the game with a fall away jumper at the end of regulation that clanked off the rim. Pierce is really an enigma...He's been called the greatest scorrer in team history and once led the team to the greatest single game comeback in the history of the playoffs, yet he blew the next game when he missed a free throw. He goes out and scores 35, yet when ever the game is on the line he does the same weak move to the basket then misses a fall-away...

Is that Larry Bird? No it's Adam Morrison (who someone once tried to tell me was Jim Morrison's son...wouldn't that make him almost 40?) the former Gonzaga star now in Charlotte...Wally Szczerbiak matched Pierce with 35 and Ryan Gomes scorred his 1st career triple double. Finally something to cheer about besides the cheerleaders...


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