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Monday, October 02, 2006

The shirt remains the same

Major League Baseball is at it again, kicking the Red Sox and their fans when they're down, and the thing that is most disturbing is that the Red Sox apparently don't have a problem with it. Go over to and check it out, the latest pro-Yankoffs, anti-Red Sox shirt is on sale featuring a Sox headstone on the back that says "R.I.P 2006 Season" with another Sox logo underneath. UB just doesn't get it. Don't get UB wrong, he's worn a "Yankees Suck" shirt in that giant bedpan known as Yankoff Stadium, but for it to once again be supported by MLB is ridiculous. Apparently they like Sox and Yankoff fans getting into fights in the stands as that's all these shirts normally accomplish. Well if they are gonna screw with Sox fans then how about some of these shirts for Sox fans to buy:


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