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Monday, September 04, 2006

Croc shock: Steve Irwin is dead

There's not really any other way your Uncle Buck can describe the death of "The Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin other than "shocking." Someone who f's with the world's most dangerous animals for years as a living, you kind of figure he'll live forever. UB didn't watch Irwin's show that often but the times he found it while flipping around almost always resulted in UB watching the rest of the show. The one episode that really sticks out was a situation where Irwin and his crew were in the middle of the jungle looking at either spiders or snakes in the dark. While Steve-O was pointing out a certain spider or snake, he got bit. Amazingly he couldn't remember if the venom was lethal, but he knew he didn't have long to find out. So he started running, with his crew back to the cars saying he only had about 5 minutes or so before he would be dead if the venom was lethal. He got back with about 30 seconds to spare and tore through a big fat animal encyclopedia only to discover...He was going to live...What a nut this guy was. He was killed over the weekend after a Sting-Ray stabbed him in the heart off the coast of Australia...Anyway, RIP Steve Irwin, you were one of a kind:

Here Steve gets bit by a Croc:

And here Steve takes part in one of the best "This is SportsCenter" ads:

Heh....That's not a Croc hunter...

...THAT'S a Croc hunter!!


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