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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hardest ballparks to visit according to the players

Sports Illustrated has released a players poll of the hardest ballparks in the Major Leagues to visit. Here's the top 10:

#1 Yankoff Stadium (New York Yankoffs) 21%

UB's Take: It smells, the fans are dicks, it looks like a giant bedpan and it's in the middle of a crappy area of the Bronx. It does have tons of history which is great if you're a Yankoff fan.

#2 Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) 20%

UB's Take: Red Sox fans are loud and obnoxious and very knowledgeable about the game and the teams that come into town. Also for players in the outfield it can be tough playing off the wall in left or dealing with the 420 triangle in center and the pinball area in right.

#3 Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) 10.3 %

UB's Take: UB visited Wrigley last year and liked it, but can see how the Ivy in the outfield can be a pain for visiting players. Balls disappear in that stuff. But it should be higher on the list of people that actually play in Chicago since the fans just get drunk and don't really care about the game and then you have other fans who like to reach out and grab foul balls that if caught can send you to the World Series.

#4 Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia Phillies) 10%

UB's Take: These fans are nuts. They throw beer at visiting fans and players and once booed Santa Claus. UB's stunned this isn't higher.

#5 McAfee Coliseum Coliseum Coliseum (Oakland) 4.2%

UB's Take: UB has only visited this park once, for a Raiders/Patriots football game. Those fans are fools who enjoy playing Halloween dress up in the upper, upper, upper deck. LT has told UB that for baseball you can buy a ticket and get a row. I would imagine players hate it because Oakland sucks and the outfield is huge.

#6 Metrodome (Twins) 3.8%

UB's Take: Would you want to fly to Minnesota?

#7 AT+T Park (Giants) 3.4%

UB's Take: Mmmm. Right center is where homers go to die and the fans cheer a steroid freak.

#8 US Cellular (White Sox) 3.1

UB's Take: Maybe because Ozzie Guillen lives there.

#9 Dolphins Stadium (Marlins) 3.0

UB's Take: It's a football stadium and every game is played in unbearable heat.

#10 Shea Stadium (Mets) 2.8%

UB's Take: Just as bad as Yankoff Stadium except for the history part.


At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fenway is #2 because the fans are "very knowledgeable about the game"? Wow. Then you must know that they suck.


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