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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tiger trap

To be honest your Uncle Buck did not see one live pitch from last night's 3-2 Red Sox loss because he was playing in his softball league playoffs. While UB and his team were slugging out a 12-7 win in the first game of the second round series, the Sox were busy dropping their 2nd strait to the Detroit Tigers and falling another game behind both New York and Chicago in the East and Wild Card races.

From what UB could gather from post game highlights and morning sports talk shows was that Wily Mo Pena was the goat. Screwed on his last at bat and booed after dropping a ball in right that would allow the winning run, Pena (who was traded to the Red Sox for starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo) is the villain huh? UB's not so sure. Wily Mo has been a great replacement for Trot Nixon, adding much needed power and pressure hits. Sox fans should turn the attention to the rest of the line up who has now scored 6 runs in 2 games against the Tigers at home.

Following the loss Mike Timlin was quoted as saying he was not "calling anyone out but we're not hitting."

"The Tigers have always been good..."


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