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Friday, August 04, 2006

Beginning of the end?

Coming into this 7 game home stretch, your Uncle Buck warned that the Red Sox needed to win AT LEAST 5 games. Instead they leave Fenway for Tampa Bay having won only 3 of the 7, including last night's deflating 7-6 loss to Cleveland.

Continuing a season long problem of giving up 3 home runs in a game, Beckett stayed true to form, including one homer that was a grand slam by Shin-Soo Choo...The collapse by Beckett is a killer for a team that really only has one pitcher they can count on in Curt Schilling. From there the Sox are stuck without any solid 3-4-or-5 starter.

The injury to Jason Varitek and the failure to pull the trigger on any deal at the trading deadline appear to have drained the life out of the Sox. Look at it this way, without comebacks in game 1 and 3 of this 4 game series against Cleveland, the Red Sox could have easily been swept...At home...

After falling one game back to the Yankoffs last night the Sox MUST, MUST, MUST take advantage of the next 3 series if they want any chance of taking the division or, ugh, the wild card. The Sox head to Tampa Bay tonight for 3 against the Devil Rays then hit Kansas City for 3 and finish up the weak ass stretch with 3 at home against Baltimore. From there the road is all up hill and the way the current roster has been playing it's unclear if they have the heart to pull it off...


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