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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yankoff announcers: John Sterling quotes

Darth Marc posted this link to The Kid from Brooklyn's rant about Yankoff announcers and UB couldn't agree more. On UB's road trips, when the Red Sox are on commercial or the signal is gone, UB tunes in the Yankoffs to see what the enemy is up to...It's painful. John Sterling actually does a good broadcast but suddenly turns into a man suffering from Tourette's syndrome. The other night when Melky Cabrera hit a game winning, walk off home run, Sterling said, "It is high, it is far,!" Well the "massive" home run was really a line drive that barely made it over the short right field fence. And who can forget these Sterling classics:

Foul Ball: "Its a swing and a drive, to deep right field! That ball is high! It is is...a foul ball."

Bernie Williams Home Run: "Bern baby bern!"

A-Fraud Home Run: "An A bomb, for A-Rod, Alexander the great!"

Robin Ventura Home Run: "And Robin becomes Batman!"

Jorgie Possada Home Run: "Jorgie juiced one!"

Tino Martinez Home Run: "The Bam Tino!"

And of course Jason "Mr. Steroids" Giambi Home Run: "The Giambino!"

As for the female announcer, Suzyn Waldman, UB hasn't heard her too much, but she sounds like she's part of a botched sex change and sounds like Sterling's sister...UB remembers Sox fans outrage getting a female PA announcer fired because she was so bad, I can't believe Yankoff fans have put up with her if she's this bad...
***Quick addition. In the car this morning (Wednesday) WEEI played the Aaron Guiel home run call from last night's Yankoff game in which John Sterling said Guiel hit the ball out of Tiger Stadium. The problem being that not only has Tiger Stadium been closed for years, but they were playing in Arlington, Texas...***

"Ugh, these two make my head hurt..."


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