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Monday, July 24, 2006

Seattle Slew

Once again, with the Yankoffs struggling the Red Sox are letting them hang around by doing stupid things like making errors and dropping 2 of 3 in Seattle. Sunday the Red Sox were victims of what felt like the 10th walk off loss after trading the lead back and forth all day. The were finally beaten in the bottom of the 9th by a solo homer by Richie Sexon, 9-8. But it was the inside the park home run by Adrian Beltre that was badly miss played by Coco Crisp and Manny Ramirez (above) that really made your Uncle Buck remember that no matter who they sign or if they win a title, these are still the Red Sox and nothing is ever easy or good enough.

There were plenty of defensive screw ups and pitching mistakes (Mike Timlin and Manny Delcarmen) and Trot Nixon (should UB start a count down clock to Nixon's last day?) at-bats that sunk the Sox in the two losses, but lets just take a look at the two "stars" who were they symbol of futility yesterday. Lets start with Manny...Now no one will ever confuse him with Willie Mays and we've known that since his 1st year in Boston, 2001. Manny costs the Sox at least one maybe two games a year because of defense and watching him try and bare-hand Coco's misplay, then point at it after letting it get away is no surprise...

Then there is Mr. Crisp, the "Newest member of Red Sox Nation." Since joining the Red Sox he spent most of the 1st quarter on the DL, and has since hit only .260 with 17 RBI and 11 steals. And he lost his lead off job to Kevin Youkilis and is currently mired at the bottom of the line up producing 0 for 22 stretches...

So have the Red Sox made the right decision letting Johnny Damon go for Coco? Obviously it is too early to tell, Coco could turn it around and probably will, and Damon has been struggling with injuries with the Yankoffs. But if you look at what the Sox gave up for Coco (let Damon go, traded Edgar Rent-a-wreck and $10-million to Atlanta for a top level prospect they sent to Cleveland for Coco) how can anyone say it's been worth it so far...

If there was any bright spot to the two losses it would be the 6 inning, 3 run performance from Kason Gabbard, who made his first major league start. The Sox are hoping today's simulated game from David Wells is the next step in his return, even then the rotation is still a mess...Sox need a strong start from Josh Beckett, who got shelled by the A's last week, tonight and the same from Curt Schilling Tuesday night.


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