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Thursday, July 27, 2006

More Superman II deleted scenes

Things are great these days if you're a fan of Superman. First is the return of the Man of Steel to the big screen in Superman Returns (***1/2) and now there is word that the Richard Donner re-cut Superman II will be released in November as will a box set including special editions of Superman: The Movie, Superman II (the theatrical release, not the Donner re-cut), Superman III, and Superman 4: Attack of the Clones. Here is a bunch of scenes on YouTube from the Superman international/TV edition that are left out of the original film and here is a sneak peak at the Richard Donner re-cut via Access Hollywood:

Superman ponders sneaking off..."'Oh, did I wake you? Well I have to go save Jimmy Olsen', no she'll never believe that...'I have a squash game with this guy from work in an hour...'"


"Your foot was over line on that last serve!!!"


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