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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sox pluck birds for 13th strait time

The Red Sox are on such a roll against Baltimore that they just can't help but win some of these games. Thanks to yet another shaky outing by Curt Schilling, the Sox appeared to be headed to one of those annoying losses, where they drop a reasonable lead on the road. Instead, thanks to the crummy Orioles, they walked away with a 6-5 win.

It was another shelling for Schilling, as he gave up 3 home runs for the 2nd strait game. Curt was given a 4-0 lead, but that was gone in the fifth as a two run shot and a solo home run made it 5-4. Schilling (6-2) allowed five runs and nine hits in 5 2-3 innings. Ramon Hernandez, Brandon Fahey and Jay Gibbons homered for the Orioles. The Gibbons home run kind of made up for a run scoring error earlier in the game, when Gibbons dropped an easy fly ball off the bat of Wily Mo Pena.

The drubbing of Schilling is even more worrisome after Blistergate kicked off yesterday. Josh Beckett has emphatically denied any blister issues, and swore off the media for the rest of the season.

After giving up the lead in the bottom of the fifth, Trot Nixon (who homered earlier in the game) and Kevin Youkilis drew walks in the sixth inning. Mark Loretta and Big Papi David Ortiz followed that up with two-out RBI singles off Todd Williams (1-1) to put the Red Sox up 6-5.

The Sox bullpen did a nice job finishing up the game. Mike Timlin retired all six batters he faced and Jonathan Papelbon worked a perfect ninth for his 14th save in 14 chances.

O's 1st baseman Jeff Conine tries to sneak away in the 1st inning, but is tied up in the anti-fleeing fence. Why are the Orioles so darn pathetic against the Red Sox this season? It appears as if they have been neutered:

"Hard to win without these, eh boys!"

The Orioles are reminding your Uncle Buck of that student who undergoes shocks therapy during a psychic experiment in Ghostbusters. After getting shocked several times the kid just blurts out: "I'm getting a little tired of this!"

Meanwhile the ditzy blonde is getting every answer thanks to a horny Dr. Peter Venkman. "I swear they're just coming to me!"

Student: Effect? I tell you what the effect is! It's pissing me off!

Dr. Peter Venkman: Well then maybe my theory is correct.

Student: You can keep the five bucks.

Dr. Peter Venkman: I will, mister!

"Don't worry, only 11 more games to go..."

And speaking of Ghostbusters:


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