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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mister Blister

Yeah the Red Sox 11-1 win over the Baltimore Orioles Monday night (12th strait win over the Os) was nice, especially since they've been on hiatus as New England sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic. However, as enjoyable as that was your Uncle Buck couldn't help but get that queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach watching Josh Beckett talk with Al Nipper about what looked like his fingers.

(Photo: Courtesy Boston Dirt Dogs) Beckett, who improved to 5-1 on his 26th birthday, was on his game more than ever this season. After allowing a solo home run in the 1st (yep another rough 1st) he only allowed 1 more hit and only threw 80 pitches in 7 innings. Although the Red Sox and Beckett have denied any concern over Beckett's notoriously troublesome blisters, they also can't explain what the meeting was about in the dugout.

(Photo: Courtesy Boston Dirt Dogs) The most alarming part of the whole thing is that as good as Beckett has been over the years he has had 9 trips to the DL, 6 from blisters, and he just turned 26.

Wily Mo Pena continued to swing the hot bat, with 4 more RBI (including a 2 run home run in the 1st). He is now batting .321 on the year and has 14 RBI and 2 HR so far in May.

Monday also marked Terry Francona's 500th win as manager in the big leagues. Now go shave Tito...

"Mr. Beckett has always had blisters..."



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