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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blue Jay days

Rather than review every pitch or big play from last night's 8-5 loss in Toronto, since your Uncle Buck was playing softball until the 6th, UB is just going to comment on one thing. As good as the Red Sox line up has the potential to be, they can't keep coming back from deficits of 5+ runs.

The Red Sox are now 3-7 against Toronto on the year, and 1-4 north of the boarder. Josh Beckett's 7 earned runs are concerning, not so much that he's not allowed to throw up a stinker every now and again, rather because it should have been pretty clear that with a loss yesterday and a AA pitcher throwing for the Sox Wednesday night the Sox needed a big game from Beckett. They didn't get it.

Maybe it's time for a roids test for Vernon Wells. 3 for 4 with 3 home runs last night...

22-year-old righty David Pauley is joining the Sox tonight from AA Portland. What should you expect from Pauley? Here is the scouting report from Sox

Scouting Report: Pauley mixes an excellent sinker with a low 90s fastball with good movement, an good changeup, and a top-notch curveball. Has 4th or 5th starter potential. Has been very consistent in recent seasons, with some flashes of brilliance. Struggled in MLB Spring Training in 2006. Needs to improve his control somewhat.

The Red Sox acquired Pauley from San Diego in 2005 along with Jay Payton (where is he now) Ramon Vasquez and cash for Dave Roberts.


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