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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Your Uncle Buck saw this knockout (below) on Gorilla Mask and after watching the Hagler-Hearns fight UB got fired up for some great knockout video so here we go:

First: This fight on Showtime ended with one of the funniest KOs UB has ever seen:

Second: Here are ESPN's Friday Night Fight's top 10 KOs:

Third: Massachusetts own Rocky Marciano is the only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated (49-0). Below is his greatest knockout ever, when he won the title, coming from behind, against Jersey Joe Walcott. Marciano caught him just right at the end of the fight, which he was losing on points.

Here are some of Rocky's greatest moments, the Walcott KO is just before the halfway point in slow motion:

Finally: Here is Iron Mike Tyson laying out former heavyweight champion Michael Spinks in Round 1:

Bonus: Here is the link to see Tyson dismantle the overmatched Peter McNeeley, who happens to be LT's Godfather...

And here is one more knockout:


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