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Friday, April 07, 2006


Your Uncle Buck was able to whip these up while getting ready for his BBBQ, the extra B is for BYOBB (that extra B is a typo)...

- NBA Family portraits (DV)

- Eva Longoria in GQ (For LT)

- The 100 Unsexiest men in the world (UB is #34)

- Hockey Crash

- That's a lot of golf balls

- Bikinis prevent breast cancer

- New Today host hates war

- Rockwell original fake

- Mel Brooks DVD collection

- UB jinxed Jimmy Rollins yesterday

- Is out of control?

- One Million Dollars, if you win the Boston Marathon

- The return of Lucky Tebucky and Martin Gamatayagottabekiddingme could be the new kicker, ugh

- Yankoffs blowing nearly 300 million for another division title

- NFL Schedule highlights

- Reservoir Dogs in 30 Seconds w/Swears and w/o Swears

- Bill Simmons does a diary of Red Sox and Yankoffs opening day games, thankfully he didn't do a diary of the 6 days a week when he doesn’t write anything

- Steven Spielberg takes a shot at reality TV

- Connect Four

- Top 10 movie vixens

- Pedro being Pedro

- The best part of The Man Show

- A closer look at the new Monday Night Football

- Ali G Proposes Ice Cream Glove To Donald Trump (GM)


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Great pics .. as a visiting O's fan who has suffered for far too long, just wanted to say good blog .. can't wait for this weekend's series!


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