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Monday, April 10, 2006


- New Apocalypse Now DVD Set rumored

- 9 Odd tax deductions

- A Scanner Darkly trailer

- The easiest line for girls to use would be What do you think of these?

- This is even hard to watch when performed by the RBI Baseball guys

- How could they forget the Red Rooster?

- 72 more hours of 24 coming up

- Gay mobster comes out about gay thing

- The 20 Best and Worst from SNL Alumni (This list is horrible: How is Belushi in Animal House #3? Murray was better in Caddyshack, Murphy was better in Trading Places, Christopher Guest is not #5, Dan Aykroyd was better in Trading Places/Blues Brothers/Great Outdoors, how is Chevy Chase in Vacation #8, that should be number 3 behind Belushi and Murray in Caddyshack, Phil Hartman is in 10 seconds of SIMAAM and was better on The Simpsons, Lovitz was better on The Critic, Farley should be top 5, Sandler was better in Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore, Elliot was better in Get A Life, Garafalo was better on the Ben Stiller Show, Silverman was better in that Penthouse article, Tim Meadows was never good, and #19 and #20 should be off the list. How about Martin Short in Three Amigos? Billy Crystal? And how about Joe Piscapo in Johnny Dangerously!?)

- The guy who beat Press Your Luck

- Phil, like the Groundhog Phil!?

"I told you: call me Bronco!"


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