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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Thanks to a reader for the new title of this little segment...

- WWF Trading Cards from 1985

- Terminator 4 Update

- Young Frankenstein on Broadway? (Scroll down)

- 10 Nude Scenes that we could have done without, sorry no photos (even if they aren't all nude scenes)

- The Number 5 Reason why the Today Show is getting better

- The NL Hitting streak coming under fire. Record books show Willie Keeler and Pete Rose are tied at 44 games, however, Keeler had a hit in the last game the year before, so his two year streak is actually 45. (WEEI)

- One for you, one for me. One for you, two for me

- Air Hockey

- This enormous woman will devour us all!!!

- South Park slams Family Guy, Simpsons no where to be found

- All the radiation in Japan seems to effect the Force (Double Viking)

- Great Porn Movie Quotes

- Is she drunk?

- Catfight on the beach

- Lance Armstrong trades up

- UB's #1 Gift Item (Deadspin)

- 50 Greatest Star Wars Moments

- Bill Murray Loves Corn (Thighs)

- Dave Chappelle knows everything

"Ya'll come back now..."


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