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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Red Sox vs. Yankoffs: The one game that doesn't matter

While some have said it is disappointing that the Red Sox and Yankoffs only met once during Spring Training it was nice to be able to observe a pointless game between these two hated rivals...The ones that matter begin on May 1 when the Sox and Yankoffs meet for the 1st of 19 games in 2006.

The 5-4 Yankoff win did mark the 1st time Johnny Damon faced his former team as a member of the Evil Empire...Prior to the game Damon met with some of his old teammates (Manny above who wore No. 95 because his uniform was left at home, ugh)...(In the game Damon went 1-for-4)

Ugh...Your Uncle Buck just lost his lunch...

During the game the Red Sox newest addition, Wily Mo Pena, hit an impressive off-balance 2-run home run...His power could be a welcome edition if he can become a more disciplined hitter and cut down the strike outs and increase the walks...

UB may be wrong here, but didn't Wily Mo join the Three Stooges after Curly Joe died?

"Oh, a wise guy eh!?"

Jazzman Bernie Williams hit a solo homer in the second off Boston starter Jonathan Papelbon, who gave up two runs and five hits in five innings.

It is also worth mentioning that today is the day Game of Shadows was released, detailing the use of Steroids and other crap by Barry Bonds. Latest reviews of the book mention that Yankoff cheaters Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi are mentioned several times in the book regarding their steroid use and association with BALCO...Before you go out to get the book, check out Laura from Quincy, just the latest of Barstool Sports babes sporting Red Sox gear. Check out her full spread here.



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