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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Real life Simpsons

Your Uncle Buck stumbled upon this last night and it blew his mind. UB doesn't know if this was used as an opening for the show because UB stopped watching the Simpsons somewhere around Season 10. Right about when every episode turned into "How dumb is Homer." Now Family Guy shows are "How dumb is Peter," but for some reason they pull it off...Anyway here is the clip of the Simpsons open done with live people...

If that didn't mess with your mind, maybe this will: Remember back in 1997 they gave away a real life Simpsons house to some "lucky" viewer. The real "Simpsons" home is located in Henderson, Nevada. Contest winner Barbara Howard was awarded the house. Just looking at it scares UB. It looks like some kind of messed up version of the Twilight Zone. UB couldn't spend 5 minutes in there...

"Ooh! Erotic cakes!"


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