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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Givens taken, Pats look for new WR

One of Tom Brady's favorite targets is heading south as former Patriots wide receiver David Givens signed a five-year contract worth $24 million, and an $8 million signing bonus, to play for the Tennessee Titans Monday. The move is not shocking, as the Pats were not going to overspend (especially not the kind of money Tennessee was throwing around) on Givens when #1 receiver Deion Branch is going to be looking for a new contract next season. So where does that leave the Pats in the hunt for a new #2? How about:

Keyshawn Johnson? He was cut loose by Dallas yesterday, apparently to make room for Terrell Owens. Keyshawn, while a headcase, does have a previous relationship with Bill Belichick and is coming off several more years with Bill Parcells so staying in line should be manageable. The big question would have to be money. If Keyshawn is looking to get a ring more than a new house then the Pats might be the right fit...Johnson was released Tuesday to avoid a $1 million bonus. He was scheduled to make only $1.5 million this season, but was seeking an extension and a raise. Johnson turns 34 this summer and is coming off a solid season. He led the team in receptions with 71, and had 839 yards and six touchdowns. Personally your Uncle Buck thinks Keyshawn will be more trouble than he is worth, not all of his outbursts have come in losing situations: See 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

How about Terrell Owens? That would make major waves throughout the NFL and can you imagine Tom Brady throwing deep to TO? In reality there is no way this will happen. TO will get big money offers from KC, Dallas and others, and clearly that is what he is interested in. Not to mention all of the trouble TO can cause in a system (Patriots) where he is not the #1 receiver, and not getting his touches and TDs. Also how could Belichick bring in someone like Owens with his history and still have the team believe in "Team First"?...Owens was due a $5 million roster bonus on Wednesday, so the Eagles had to cut him or trade him before then to avoid paying him the money.

Buffalo Bills receiver Eric Moulds appears to be a possible answer, as he is looking for a way out of his contract and has the kind of track record that would make him an exceptional target for Brady and Co. Moulds has two years left on his contract, scheduled to count $10.85 million against the salary cap next season. By cutting Moulds, the Bills would save about $5.5 million in cap room. With an extension not likely to happen, the Bills might just cut bait, or they might hold on to him until the Pats have already made their move...

A quick note on all this talk about the Pats trying to trade for Ray Lewis, who is reportedly looking for a way out of Baltimore...Belichick loves the 3-4, Lewis hates it. The Pats are able to pull in many vets with the lure of a ring, Lewis has one already. The Pats preach team first and come on to the field that way, Lewis has his little wild wiggle dance when he comes on by himself...Sorry this just isn't gonna happen...

Also it is worth noting the Miami Dolphins acquisition of quarterback Daunte Culpepper, as the team has their 1st legitimate QB since the days of Dan Marino. Despite knee problems Culpepper could become a major problem for the Patriots two times a year. The Fins, who passed on Drew Brees, are getting the former MVP runner up for only a 2nd round pick (the Pats traded Drew Bledsoe to the Bills for a 1st rounded in 2002). Culpepper, 29, continues to rehabilitate his right knee and, while he is said to have made substantial progress in his recovery, the injury was a severe one. Culpepper tore three ligaments in the knee in an Oct. 30 game at Carolina and has been rehabilitating in the Orlando, Fla., area.


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