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Friday, January 06, 2006

Wild Card Playoffs: Brady + Home Field = Crazy Delicious

It is Christmas time all over again for your Uncle Buck. The Patriots in the playoffs is the best and has been the best 3 of the past 4 years. Now the Jacksonville Jaguars comes into town and the Patriots are ready to send them home with their tail between their legs.

Although the Jags have only been in the league for a little over 10 years, this is the 3rd time they will meet the Patriots in the playoffs. In 1997, the Pats defeated Jacksonville in the AFC Championship at Foxboro Stadium 20-6 to advance to Super Bowl XXXI. Two years later the 9-7 Pats were forced to travel to Jacksonville with Drew Bledsoe on the bench. Back up QB Scott Zolak played and the Pats fell 25-10.

Last year UB played in a charity softball game with Zolak. After the game UB was talking to Zo when someone asked if Zo wanted to follow them to the pizza place after the game for the post game party. When Zo said he was okay since the restaurant was just down the street, UB smartly said, "Yeah, even a backup quarterback can figure that out!" Zo didn't think it was very funny. He also never showed up for the two free slices and Sierra Mist.

In more recent history the Pats beat the Jags in 2003 en route to Super Bowl XXXVIII and as part of the 21 game winning streak. The now 12-4 Jaguars have been seen as a team that plays to the level of their competition, as evidence in beating San Francisco by only one and only losing to Indianapolis by a touchdown each in their two contests. The controversy surrounding the team centers around Byron Leftwich getting the start over David Garrard. While Garrard (the running QB) has lead the team to a 5-1 mark since Leftwich went down, Byron is clearly the franchise quarterback and a better drop back passer. Clearly the Jags hope to use Leftwich's downfield abilities against the Pats shaky secondary.

Clearly the Steelers are gearing up for their matchup with Cincinnati this weekend, (above) screwing around backstage at a WWE show.

As for UB's picks this weekend:


Washington 16, Tampa Bay 13

Patriots 27, Jaguars 17

Ben: "Yeah you're right I'm glad we're facing the Bengals instead of the Patriots..."


Pittsburgh 26, Cincinnati 19

New York 20, Carolina 10

As for the MVP voting UB really thinks Tom Brady (above in animated form with Homer Simpson) got screwed. This season, more than in the past, Brady took the Pats on his shoulders and led them to 10 wins (the Pats should have had 11 but Brady rested last week). Brady also led the league in passing for the 1st time, going over 4,000 yards. While Manning had another great year, he didn't have to deal with the rash of injuries the Patriots did. Brady lost his center and both the Guard and Tackle on the left side of the O-line as well all 3 running backs at various points over the year and the Pats D was a mess with rookies and last minute free agents getting most of the starts. As for Shawn Alexander or Tiki Barber getting the MVP over Brady, UB just has to ask who would you rather have on your team on Sunday? Brady and a 2nd string runner or a back up QB and Alexander/Barber? UB would take Brady and the backup every time.


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