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Thursday, January 05, 2006

For Pete's sake! USC hooked by horns

Well the "National Championship" ended up being all it was made out to be, and thank the lord since your Uncle Buck stayed up to watch the whole damn thing. I turned out that Texas was better than advertised and the USC defense was as bad as advertised. With USC up 12 and under 6 minutes to play Texas scored 15 unanswered points to win 41-38.

In the process, Texas QB Vince Young (above trotting into the endzone for the winning score) stepped out of the shadow of "Heisman Trophy runner up" to potential #3 draft pick in the NFL draft. Young looked like a player who could be the next evolution of Michael Vick. A QB who can be a pocket passer but with the cool and speed to take off if the play is busted.

UB had to feel for Pete Carroll. Pete has the 2nd highest winning percentage of all Patriots head coaches and was clearly stuck with having to go for it on 4th and a short 2 (although Pete tends to go for it with his Trojans) since he didn't trust his defense to stop Texas if the punted the ball. The big mistake Carroll made was having "the next big thing" Reggie Bush on the sidelines during the play. Bush's presence alone would have made the Longhorns re-think their coverage and may have lead to the 1st down and win for USC.

Bush (#5) did not have the monster game he is used to and made a game-changing mistake trying to lateral the ball inside the 20 yard line at one point, giving the ball over to Texas.

Like UB has said in the past "How can you have a National Champion without a playoff?" Coaches polls and a dumb computerized system (BCS) should not make a champion. That being said USC and Texas was clearly the game everyone wanted to see and it delivered.

"With the #5 pick the Oakland Raiders select:" Think about it. Houston takes Reggie Bush as the #1 pick, New Orleans has Aaron Brooks so may pass on a QB, San Francisco just took Alex Smith, leaving the Jets to take Matt Leinart at 4 and the Raiders to take Vince Young at #5.

So it was "Hook 'em horns" after all...UB doesn't know how he missed it, the signs were all over:

Um, all UB sees is dinner...

"How about an Ol' 96er?!"


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Dr Will said...

nice spinal tap ref, lol


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