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Friday, December 09, 2005

Short scenario, who will be the next SS?

With Theo's Rent-A-Wreck on a plane for Atlanta the Red Sox are stuck without a high profile Shortstop for the first time since the days of John Valentin (above). So who is in the running and who has a real shot at filling the gap for the Sox? Let UB help you figure it out.

Miguel Tejada

There has been a lot of talk about a Manny for Miggy trade in the works, as both men make big money and would be happy elsewhere...For the Sox Miggy would seem to be a perfect fit, a former AL MVP who hit 150 RBI in 2004, but UB is a little cautious about this one. You may recall that steroid user Rafael Palmeiro dropped Tejada's name when asked where he could have got the ' UB is not saying he did 'roids, but everyone that has done them, and apparently got off, has fallen off the statistical map...Other than that the only thing that bugs UB is that Miggy looks a lot like King Hippo when he opens his huge trap...









Nomar Garciaparra

Wouldn't this be amazing? After all that Nomar and the Red Sox have been through he is looking for a job and the Sox need a shortstop. Now erase all the bitter blood between the two and does it make sense for the Sox to bring in Nomar? Maybe. For the right price taking a chance on Nomar would be right along the Red Sox thinking about bringing in Wade Miller last year. Now add the bad blood and UB doesn't see this happening. UB has to think that the Sox would prefer not to bring back someone with the baggage that Nomar has. Plus there is no telling how long "Mr. Glass" can last during the season, so they would have to sign a back up SS.

OC: Orlando Cabrera

UB would be thrilled to welcome back Cabby. There have been talks that OC would be part of a Manny to LAA deal, but according to the Boston Globe this isn't very likely as the Angels are happy with OC and don't want to move him.

Pokey Reese

Pokey made some big plays during his limited time with the Sox in 2004, including an amazing leaping catch at 2nd and an inside the park home run. Pokey is a fan favorite, but is often injured and doesn't bring anything to the plate as far as average or power.

Alex Gonzalez

Gonzo looks like an option that could work out, however, UB thinks it will be a last resort. He has a weak OBP and average.

Dustin Pedroia or Alex Cora

So what if the Sox stay in house? They have Alex Cora from last year and Dustin Pedroia was supposed to be the 2nd baseman of the future. Cora would be good to remain a back up, and though Pedroia played SS in college, if he has a rough April it could be Wilton Veras all over again...

Julio Lugo or Royce Clayton

There was talk yesterday that the Sox would trade the prospect they got from Atlanta to Tampa bay for Julio Lugo, but that talk has gone cold. He's 30 and a career .276 hitter. Royce Clayton? Ugh...He will be 36 and he's a career .258 hitter.

So are you coming back? No not you Nomar!!


At 12:44 PM, Blogger Dr Will said...

i have a feeling itll be Tejada, but if not id take Lugo. hoping the tribe sign Garciapopup tho :-)


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