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Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Loot: What UB got...

So Christmas day has come and gone and children all over the world have a mound of toys they are playing with today...Well things weren't so smooth in the UB house hold as it was a banner year for your Uncle Buck, a banner year of disappointment...

Nope, UB didn't get an I-Pod this Christmas, instead he received some crappy Christmas records:

Including "Christmas with Colonel Sanders" and...

..."The Six Million Dollar Man's Christmas Adventures."

UB got a new DVD, "Old School", however it was the "R" rated edition.

UB did get a package of Slim Jims but UB's dog got into them and now UB only has 2 Slim Jims left and a sick dog. UB quickly ate those while playing his new Tiger Woods PGA golf game...unfortunately it was no the new 2006 version, but rather...

...the 1999 version, that UB's uncle picked up out of the bargain bin. When asked why he didn't buy the 2006 version Uncle Frank said:

"They wanted $50 bucks for that thing, so I says, "Not in this lifetime bub!"

On the plus side UB did get Yankees back-up catcher John Flaherty (at least Randy Johnson will be pissed). But it's not nearly as good as what UB's neighbor got:

While that was bad, without a doubt the worst gift UB received was this Hard Rock Cafe shirt from his Aunt Sarafina that she picked up on her vacation to Seoul, Korea last February.

First off if you are going to Korea why would you get someone a shirt from the Hard Rock Cafe, and 2nd of all why would you get UB a size "L"?

Maybe next year Santa will have something better to fill up UB's stockings...


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Dr Will said...

thats some bad stuff UB! i usually get that kind of crap but was minimal this year thanks to cancelling one of our family gift exchanges. no more regifted decorative tea pots and 1991 style long sleeve fake polo shirts for me this year.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Winston said...

I was in S. Korea one year ago and actually took the long walk from the closest subway station to the Hard Rock Cafe since I was desperate for a 'Western experience'. I considered buying a t-shirt since the restaurant wasn't serving food yet (it was before lunch). They let me walk around and gawk at the artefacts though. That was cool. I saw a watch ring that belonged to Jimi Hendrix, a leather jacket of Ozzy's, and a belt that belonged to Jimmy Paige of Led Zeppelin.

Long story short, I bought nothing since the shirts were too expensive. I've since returned from S. Korea to the good ol' USofA and I'm happier than ever to be back safe and sound.


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