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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Ortiz MVP debate

As we come to the close of another baseball season talk has drifted to who should be the MVP. Now most of the talk I've heard this week has centered on whether or not Big Papi David Ortiz should be the MVP over A-Fraud of the Yankoffs (yes it does look silly using those terms while trying to make a serious argument). There are two ways too look at it. First look at the word valuable. Now who is the most valuable player on their team that if they were taken away it would be devastating for the team? For the Red Sox you have to say it is David Ortiz. Last night's heroics (a 2 run HR in the 8th) and the game winner on Monday (a solo shot in the 11th) are the latest examples. When the game is on the line there is no one else the Sox or their fans would rather have up, he may be the best clutch hitter they've ever had. Now for the Yankoffs, who is the most valuable player that they have? I would have to say Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are more valuable to the Yankoffs than A-Fraud.

The biggest argument against Ortiz and for A-Fraud is that Papi is a DH, therefore does not play defense, which is half the game. This is a valid argument, and probably one that will and should cost Ortiz the award. Just think, if Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were competing for the NBA MVP and every time after hitting a 3 or making a big pass Larry walked off the court and sat on the bench while M.L. Carr ran on the court to play defense with the rest of the team. My point is that anyone who only plays half the game should have to be almost double his nearest competitor in offense to make up for the no-defense.

The other Red Sox candidate is Manny Ramirez. Manny and Ortiz have been neck and neck all year in the HR and RBI race, but Manny plays left field and has led the league for most of the year in outfield assists. While no one should mistake that stat as proof that Manny is a great fielder, as a matter of fact UB says he is below-average, he is still out there playing a full game. So then the argument becomes: who should be MVP, A-Fraud who hits a ton and plays gold glove caliber D or Manny who hits a ton and plays poor D?

Who will win AL MVP? A-Fraud.

Who should win AL MVP? Anybody else, I hate A-Fraud (look at his BA with runners in scoring position!! How can he fail so much in those situations and be the MVP!?)

Woulda, coulda, shoulda: Johnny Damon, injuries in this last month have eliminated him from voters minds.


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