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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tiger Talk

With the lowly Detroit Tigers 16.5 games back in the surprisingly tough AL Central this season, their fans are staying alive with the thoughts of a Wild Card birth. The Tigers are only 5 games out, and hovering around .500 are showing signs of improvement. With this in mind Chowdaheads sat down with uber-fan Little Tick to discuss his childhood obsession and their chances of making the playoffs:

Little Tick: Can you believe that the tigers are only five games back in the wild card race? Chowdaheads: What do you think of their chances? They are still a long way from Sweet Lou. Little Tick: TheyÂ’re in a tough spot now.TheyyÂ’re really close to the wild card but itÂ’s very difficult to justify going out and getting a player to take them over the top. It sucks because theyÂ’re so close to being able to go after it.


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