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Friday, October 06, 2006

North Korea is for "Members Only"

Kim Jong II really cracks your Uncle Buck up. Look at this guy...He gets up every day, throws on the grandma eye glasses and his Members Only jacket and runs his little slice of Korea. How can anyone over there take this guy seriously? Is his closet filled with a stolen shipment of Members Only and tan dockers? Every day he's gotta dress like this? He's not even wearing any of those military ribbons like other dictators who try and show their military power with fake ribbons and medals and things...This is apparently what happens when everyone is afraid of you and no one has the balls to say you look like a piece of crap with a head on it.

Wouldn't someone in his party slip him a copy of Team America: World Police? Hoping he would say, " i really look like that?" I gotta believe the North Koreans make fun of him behind his back like Michael on The Office...

"Nice Members Only jacket...What are you the last member?"


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