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Monday, October 23, 2006

Buffalo stampede, Pats cruise to 28-6 win

Yesterday's 28-6 victory by the Patriots (5-1) over Buffalo (2-5) was the first indication that things are starting to click for the good guys. Save for some inconsistent passes by Tom Brady and some breakdowns by the O-line, the Pats were about as solid all the way around as they have been all year. The Defense is showing more signs of the 2001 bend but don't break style, while the wide receivers and tight ends were clicking and showing more hustle than we've seen yet.

Though Brady threw for close to 200 yards and 2 touchdowns, he did struggle to hit some open receivers. His final touchdown pass to Doug Gabriel shouldn't have been thrown and Brady knew that more than anyone. It could have easily been picked if Gabriel hadn't cut back and made the play. The beer is half full: Brady and the receivers have yet to fully jell and they are still 5-1...Half empty: While Tom still manages the game better than anyone, will he be able to turn it back on when they face Indy and Chicago?

An injury to Richard Seymour late in the game could be a huge blow, as the tight lipped Patriots are not giving anything away. Big Sey lost 4 games last season and missed all of the playoffs except for the Super Bowl in 2004-05...Looks like here we go again.

Next week the Pats have their only Monday Night Football game in Minnesota. Will they be able to keep things going in that game and for the rest of the year? All UB knows is it is good to have a game in Buffalo the week after the bye...


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