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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Boo Bledsoe?

It looks like the end is here for former Patriot and #1 NFL draft pick ('93) Drew Bledsoe after the current Dallas Cowboy quarterback was pulled from Sunday's name and officially demoted Wednesday. Replaced by Tony Romo...Might as well be John Rambo...It's really sad to see Drew on the outside looking in. He had such promise coming out of Washington in 1993, joining the Pats and Bill Parcells. He lived up to his billing the firs few years, setting NFL records in 1994 and leading the Pats to the Super Bowl in 1996-97.
A bad INT in the 1997-98 Playoffs against Pittsburgh prevented a trip to Denver (which might have been a good thing) and in 1998-99 Bill Belichick, then with the Jets, tipped off the rest of the league with ways to beat Drew. From there it was all down hill. 8-8 in 1999-00 and 5-11 in 2000-01 (under Belichick). Drew was knocked out of the 2nd game of the 2001-02 season thanks to a huge hit from Mo Lewis, and nearly died in the hospital. He did return to the sidelines, but by that point Tom Brady was well on his way to Bird, Orr, Russell, Williams status in the eyes of Boston sports fans.
Drew did have one more shining moment with the Pats, leading them to a win the 2001-02 AFC title game over Pittsburgh. Drew came into the game after a Brady injury and completed 3 strait passes, including a TD to David Patton that shocked the Steelers, and also took a similar hit that sidelined him in Week 2. It got him fired up, but Drew looked a little too fired up and almost gave the game away with a near INT for touchdown at one point and while being tackled tossed another pass backwards over his head for a fortunate incomplete. Drew didn't play in the Super Bowl and was traded in the off season to Buffalo for a 1st round pick (wow). He arrived there with great fan fare, throwing out balls to fans in the stadium parking lot. While being traded to a divisional opponent who you see twice a year may have been upsetting for Drew, he got some personal revenge by beating out Brady for a spot in the 2002-03 Pro Bowl. During the 1st game of the 2003-04 season Drew got his only victory over the Pats to date, leading the Bills to a 31-0 thrashing at home (with help from the edition of Lawyer Milloy). Of course the celebration was short lived as the Bills missed the playoffs and got beat 31-0 by the Patriots, who went on to win their 2nd Super Bowl, on the last day of the season.
After a rough 2004-05 Drew was let go and replaced by J.P. Losman. Bledsoe landed on his feet in Dallas, back with Bill Parcells in 2005.

So should Drew make the Hall of Fame? He's got the career numbers, but his inability to read a blitz and move up in the pocket effectively have always made him a liability. He's been to 2 Super Bowls and has one ring, numerous NFL and Patriots passing records and should be remembered for helping to save the Patriots franchise. At this point, however, your Uncle Buck can't see anyone picking up Drew and making him a starter next season...


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