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Friday, October 20, 2006

And then there were two

February to October and we are down to two teams for baseball's world title, the St. Loser, sorry Louis, Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers. Last night the Cardinals finally put away the Mets after what felt like the longest NLCS in history, 4 games to 3. Starting Saturday they get the Tigers who have been on vacation for a week. The last time the Tigers won the Series: 1984. The Cardinals: 1982. The last time the met in the Series 1968, Tigers win in 7. This time your Uncle Buck thinks the Tigers will take care of the red birds in 5. UB needs the Cards to take game one and snap Detroit's 7 game playoff winning streak before they tie the Red Sox 2004 record of 8 strait. From there UB sees Detroit winning the next four and taking their 5th title in St. Louis next week. (Of course this is coming from a guy who said it would be the Twins and the Padres.)

It is amazing to UB that it has been 20 years since the heroics of Dave Henderson lead the Red Sox to a AL title and Series show down with the Mets. From there UB's got some holes in his memory...and who says there are no benefits to binge-drinking?
Bill Belichick has shown he's pulling for the Cards to win the Series, but wouldn't most people betting on St. Louis feel better with him as manager instead of Tony LaRussa? I mean as good as Tony has been in leading the A's to 2 World Series, and one title, and the Cardinals to his 2nd Series when they were only 5 games over .500 on the year, he has lost 8 strait World Series starts as manager (0-4 with the A's in a 1990 sweep by the Reds and 0-4 with the Cards in a 2004 sweep by the Red Sox). Who really thought with LaRussa and Jeff Suppan that the Cards hand any shot in game 7 last night? Amazing...Well if there is no other reason to pick the Tigers over the Cards than AL vs. NL, pitching, defense, manager, bench, bullpen, hitting and home field, then how about the fact that Vida Guerra looks better painted up as a Tiger than Big Bill does in a Cards shirt:


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