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Friday, September 22, 2006

Home runs over Boston

Congratulations to Big Papi David Ortiz for breaking the Red Sox single season home run record by hitting his 51st and 52nd home runs last night in a win over Minnesota, the team that let him go. It was kind of nice to see the Red Sox fans and players get to enjoy a big home run record moment at Fenway Park. The Sox didn't have a chance to be part of the home run record craze that swept over baseball in 1998 and again in the early 2000s with Barry Bonds. It's a shame to see how the steroid era has ruined those moments for so many, and interesting to get a peak at what it would have been like if a member of the Red Sox had been a part of it. Of course the steroid era has created suspicion over all home run hitters, including Papi, so maybe it wouldn't be so good for the Sox as a whole. Anyway, to see the team's greatest clutch hitter pass Jimmy Foxx, perhaps baseballs most under-rated hall of famer was pretty cool. Like Mark Loretta said, if nothing else hopefully this whole thing will shine a light on the amazing career of "The Beast" aka Double X Jimmy Foxx.


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