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Friday, September 22, 2006

About last night

So last night your Uncle Buck and some of the local boys partook in the 2nd annual Thirsty Thursdays on the streets of Boston...And things didn't go quite as planned...Big Pan decided he'd rather be a good husband than one of the boys and attended some lame events with his new wife...So Ubsey, Teabag (aka LT) and Crazy Cousin met up at Teabag's hole in the wall studio and chatted it up while relaxing with a few Miller High Lifes before walking on down to the Publick House for microbrew madness...That didn't last long as there was some closed off party going on and there wasn't enough BC ass for Crazy Cousin's liking so we took the T down to Cityside and enjoyed some more High Life with a side of grub...That visit was also short lived as the boys decided to ditch the bar and get back to Teabag's to see the season premiere of The Office:

Over all the episode was a disappointment which UB can blame mostly on the build up. (FYI the above clip is from the Tonight Show as clips from the episode haven't hit You Tube yet) Right before the show started Teabag says, "I guarantee that this is the last season." Meaning that The Office is as high as it is going to get in popularity and viewership and will be unfunny by Season 4. After seeing last night's episode I think Teabag might be on to something. After giving viewers all summer to think about what they were going to do with the Pam-Jim thing you found out in the first 60 seconds that Jim leaves, is replaced by Ryan and Pam called off her wedding days early and now Roy is a mess with a DUI on his record. A flash back reveals that after Pam and Jim kiss she tells Jim she's still getting married. Jim just kinda shrugs it off with an "ok" type response and that's it...It reminded UB of Cheers. As good as the show was and as high as it got during the Sam-Diane years they always fell flat with cliff hangers, not giving fans a good payoff to start the following season (But then getting back on their feet and having a great rest of the season). The Stamford branch was lame with Jim's new neighbor dubbing him "Big Tuna" because he had a tuna sandwich on his first day and freaking out when Jim puts his calculator in jello (wasn't that the gag from the 1st episode of the BBC Office that didn't translate to laughs in the NBC Office episode 1? Dumb). The only laugh from the Stamford branch actually came from the girl who imitates the way Jim is always looking at the camera with that "Wow, did you see that too?" face. That leaves us with Michael and the rest of the office staff, which surprisingly seemed really boring with out Jim, having to deal with Michael's outing of Oscar. The show really reaches with Michael going as far as to kiss Oscar to prove he doesn't hate gays. The show ends with a laugh as Jim sends Dwight a metal detector that Jim says is "Gay-dar", which beeps over Oscar's belt then shockingly over Dwight's. The episode may need another look, but Ub is sure they will bounce back for the rest of the season, but you can already hear fans saying "Jumped the Shark" about Jim's move to Scranton. From here they have to figure out how to get him back and re-start the sparks with Pam to keep the female viewership up, other wise as Teabag said it's all over.

The Coffee Table: While watching The Office in Teabag's shoebox apartment, newly decked out with Ikea products, Ub cracked open his Miller High Life bottle cap right over LT's brand new black coffee table, leaving a tiny white mark on the side.

Both Crazy Cousin and Ub thought it was pretty funny...Teabag was in shock. After all the years of Teabag breaking stuff and making a mess in Ubsey's houses and apartments etc. Ub finally got a little revenge...It was great. Maybe the best Miller High Life of all time. Teabag scrounged for a black Sharpie to fix the nick, but only found brown. Now every time UB heads over there he'll keenly note that he can still see the spot where the edge of the bottle cap ripped into Teabag's brand new table. Nice.

The Russians: After The Office, Ubsey, Teabag and Crazy Cousin headed over to the Wonder Bar where we met up with a girl Teabag works with and her friend, both RUSSIANS...

The girls, lets just call them Svetlana and Natasha, met us inside drinking snifters of Cognac. Svetlana had been in the US for 8 years, her friend about 14. There was some banter about Russia vs. the US and a few laughs were had before UB had to depart...leaving the girls with Teabag and Crazy Cousin. Rumor has it that Crazy cousin may have made some headway with Natasha, though we're not quite sure if he invaded Moscow...Before Ubsey departed he did lay a little Russian on the girls, calling his friends "Sic Sicum Sin" or Sons of Bitches. Ub picked up the line from the classic film Patton...

"Gawd damn Bolsheviks..."

The Ride Home: From The Wonder Bar UB jumped on the Mass Pike looking forward to a 30 minute ride home. At some point the gas light came on and Ubsey decided to push it...Not a good idea...

Of course UB ran out of gas...Bone dry, not movin, like a bad movie: OUT OF GAS...Thank the lord UB was only 2 miles from home and was able to get his buddy Cam to drive over with his lawnmower gas can and give UB enough petrol to make to an open Cumberland Farms...Now THAT'S a true friend...Chances are if UB had put a nick in Cam's coffee table earlier in the night, he might not show up...


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lol keep up the good work and the drunk dialing!


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