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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

UB's Chicken McNugget story

Your Uncle Buck doesn't normally share tales of woe (since there's more woe than tail) but something happened recently that he just had to share with Chowdahead Nation...

On a trip back from upstate New York, UB decided to stop at a McDonald's restaurant at a Mass Pike rest stop for some fine Irish food...UB put in an order for a 9 or 10 piece chicken McNugget meal and paid the $5-$6 dollars. While standing in line UB noticed one of the employees preparing UB's meal at the McNugget frying station thing...

Something was amiss and at first UB was so hungry he didn't think much of it...There was a severely overweight woman snuggly fit into one of those $2 McD's uniforms who was handling UB's nuggets WITHOUT gloves! A little surprised by this site UB started to wonder if that was normal...UB means, the woman's work is being done in broad daylight to an audience of a half dozen people waiting for their food along with UB...Before UB comes to the conclusion that fatty should be wearing gloves, she reaches back into McNugget drawer and grabs 3 nuggets...2 for UB's order, one for her. She actually popped one of the nuggets with her bare hand into her mouth.

UB's jaw literally hit the floor, which was a tad cleaner than Jabba's mouth or hands...In stunned silence, UB watched as she filled the McNugget box and slid it town the little ramp with the next destination: UB's mouth...At this point people all around UB are whispering and giggling to each other: "Did you see that? She just..." "He, he, I can't believe that..."

Thankfully that broke UB out of his hypnotic state and he called over the cashier and told him what had happened and that UB wanted a refund. The 13 year old cashier who had smartly added a doo-rag and low riding jeans that showed off his boxer shorts to his McDonald's uniform, called for the manager.

The manager made an annoyed grunt, as he was dealing with a series of crises that must have included saving the company millions of dollars in French fry expenses, came over to the register. UB told him he would like a refund because he saw an employee gobbling down McNuggets while filling out UB's order. With out asking any questions the manager quickly gave UB his cash before mumbling, "Really?" UB said "yeah" and watched as the manager shook his head and went back to his work.

As UB left the parking lot he was already thinking about the Taco Hell that was only a few miles from his house...Then it occurred to him: "Good thing UB didn't go thru the drive thru..."


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Dr Will said...

that is fucking insane. i like how the manager didnt even talk to her.

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Been reading awhile never posted. Couldn't resist this one.
Glad we have Chick-fil-A

Great Blog.



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