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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Glutton for punishment

UB has to be a glutton for punishment to put up with the Red Sox. The only thing he can equate last night's loss second strait loss to the Kansas Sorry Royals, 5-4, to is a visit to the dentist. Ever gone to the dentist for a cavity and they decide it's close enough to your annual cleaning so they cram both procedures into one? You think, "At least I'm getting it over with," while he digs into your gums with a metal hook. Well that's what this feels like. UB's starting to get to the point where if they Sox are gonna fold just do it now, no matter how painful. Don't waste UB's time with a run at the AL East or Wild Card just put the Sox out of their misery. Now some may say, "how can UB say that? The Sox are only 4 games back in the East and are within a game of the Wild Card..." Well like UB said the last several days, the Red Sox are a mess. They are missing so many parts (pitching, hitting, bullpen, bench) they are hardly competitive and they've completely lost heart as a team.

"I definitely need a long, slow root canal."


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